Our warranty has no small print

What does a warranty mean to you? Just about every product we use on a daily basis carries a warranty policy, even if we don’t realise the details. A transparent warranty is something of a pet subject of Solid John’s. The durable film faced plywood we offer always comes with a concrete, long-term warranty. More information on the Solid John warranty policy is provided below.

We offer a 10-year warranty:

  • Permanent humidity impact for 10 years.
    (For example: the cavity has a humidity impact on the cavity closer throughout the property’s lifespan).
  • All humidity and water impact during the normal installation period

What is covered by the Solid John warranty?

  • Solid John materials (film faced plywood and hybrid polymer)
  • Installation of a new roof seal – roof edge – roof deck
  • Consequential damage due to sheet rotting, swelling or delamination

Download our warranty document

Tropical hardwood and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

First of all: The wood for our moisture-resistant film faced plywood is sustainably sourced. It may feel like we are stating the obvious, but our wood is only sourced from sustainably managed forests. For every tree that is cut down, a new one is planted. There is also no indiscriminate felling of trees.