Eaves screw

Meet the Solid John roof edge screw. It’s made to tightly secure the eave of your flat roof to our super durable warranty concrete plywood.

Exceptional performance


With the Solid John roof edge screw you easily attach roof edge profiles to our 15mm warranty concrete plywood. It works for both zinc and aluminum eaves and is suitable for both wood and steel substrates.

A transparent warranty is something of a pet subject at Solid John’s.

Just about every product we use on a daily basis carries a warranty policy, even if we don’t realise the details. A transparent warranty is something of a pet subject of Solid John’s. The durable film faced plywood we offer always comes with a concrete, long-term warranty.

Our believers

We like to highlight the advantages of our film faced plywood, but who better to talk about our products than the people in the field? These professionals specifically choose Solid John for a reason: they share our passion for delivering quality.

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