Solid John sells peace of mind to roofers.

Solid John film faced plywood has been developed to achieve excellent durability in humid conditions with specially selected wood types and bonding. 

Our moisture-resistant solutions

Thoroughly developed and extensively tested

The Solid John Team have worked very hard on the development of our film faced plywood for a full 2 years. To this day, it is still improving the panel based on new insights and feedback from professionals. Where others see problems, we find solutions!

Our believers

We like to highlight the advantages of our film faced plywood, but who better to talk about our products than the people in the field? These professionals specifically choose Solid John for a reason: they share our passion for delivering quality.

Our mission: to make roofers' valuable time count.

Laying a new roof costs time and money. That is why, as a professional in the trade, you want your work to really stand out. Solid John film faced plywood panels are the most durable solution in the market thanks to their unique moisture resistance. This will give you peace of mind that you can keep your customers satisfied day after day.


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