Our mission: to protect roofers against humidity

Our unique Solid John film faced plywood has been developed to achieve excellent durability in humid conditions with specially selected wood types and bonding.

Solid John loves roofers, and the feeling is mutual!

We want trade professionals to enjoy working with our reliable, user-friendly products every day. We realise that the devil is in the details. That is why “never average” is our entire team’s motto. We know all too well that mediocrity benefits no one. We all love the best quality combined with excellent service at a fair price. 


Our sustainable solutions for roofers have a minimal impact on the planet. Wood is CO2-neutral and a renewable resource that we use rationally. In Indonesia we found a forest that generates tropical hardwood with the right moisture resistance and that meets our sustainability requirements. 

R&D is an attitude

Never average. That is our objective. As far as we are concerned, R&D stands for rock and roll and diligence. Rock and roll because we are always challenging the status quo by casting a critical eye on things. We primarily scrutinise ourselves and the products we manufacture. They simply have to be top-notch. And yes, that takes diligence. Ground-breaking products require years of dedication and hard work. Fortunately, that is exactly what we like to do best.

Products to be proud of

Improving products is what we do best every day. It is what we live for and how we make our living. Our products must transcend mediocrity. Their excellent quality speaks for itself. We are very proud of our products: they are the best marketing there is.