Case: residential area in East Flanders

Small things can have a big impact. The contractor followed best practices for everything and still the damage amounted to 48,000 euros. It was all caused by unsuitable plywood.

This project was executed in 2018. A few months after completion, the residents noticed the first damage at the eaves. The contractor was completely unaware and installed plywood that was unsuitable for humid conditions. This made the difference between regular plywood and film faced plywood painfully clear.

Not considering the emotional damage to the residents, the cost of this amounted to €1,000 (!) per running metre:

  • Removal of the coping
  • Removal of the regular plywood
  • Installation of film faced plywood
  • Installation of the cavity closer’s new seal
  • Reinstallation of the coping
  • Installation of the scaffolding
  • Wall repair
  • Removal of the scaffolding

The lesson to be learned from this practical example is very simple: use film faced plywood for applications in humid conditions.

An investment of 1 to 2 euros per running meter can completely eliminate a damage risk of €1,000 per running meter.

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